Sunday, July 19, 2015

Odds, Sods and Leftovers

It's spring-cleaning time again and I'm right up there with it.
In the interest of lightening the load, I've decided to release these various experiments and dead-ends into the wild.
Any pictured without a sheath will naturally be delivered with one for the price listed.

Prototype V 44  with a grip of both cast-brass and aluminum. The castings a little funky so it can leave home for $150 plus $10 shipping.

I made this spearpoint Bowie nine years ago and I haven't been able to get it out of the house. Failure to launch. This guy; $160 plus $10 shipping.

  The classic French Nail with box-scabbard: $90 plus $10 shipping.

Ooooh nooo! A hapless customer was preparing to photograph his new trench knife when the tip broke off in the stump he'd stabbed it into. I transferred the pommel spike and sheath to a new one at a discount. 
As she sits: $90. 
Tip ground and a new pommel spike mounted - with a sheath: $140. 
Both prices will also have $10 added for shipping.

Self-explanatory. Brass Punch-Dagger: $120 plus $10.

And, last of all, two prototype tekkos: $35 each or $60 for the pair, plus that same old $10.

To order any of the above, e-mail me.
Thanks for looking.

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