Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Custom Work?

Short version: Yes. What is it you want?
Pictured: Request from a fella who'd just gotten a tatoo and wanted the knife pictured duplicated.
He'd sent the pencil drawing that his ink had been done from and...
He ended up with a "Pirate-themed"  Bowie with a cast-aluminum, knuckleduster handle.
He picked it up in person and was happy in the extreme.
New story:
Another fella saw this photo which I'd posted, way back in the dim and distant, at Forums of Ramanon.
He wanted two, just like it - kinda.
Settled on two new-and-improved-spike-knives.
He wanted one with a wood handle and the other with antler.
My man, Donkey, having more skilz regarding antler than I, took care of the lower of the two pictured while I bumbled my way through the wood-gripped version.

So, If you want something special, it's probably not going to be a problem.

To order or talk about an idea, e-mail me.

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Unknown said...

I am trying to get one of your knives, but the "email me" button doesn't go anywhere. Are you still operational? If so, let me know because I would love to get the brass and ebony knuckle knife.

My email is goober.com@juno.com


Patrick O'Kelley
SFC, retired
5th Special Forces Group